Movie Tie In Covers Feel Like Celebrity Endorsements For Other People’s Lives.

which i know is Not Fair, but it’s not really an analysis or a judgement so much as an attempt at articulating why i find it so distasteful when a biography-adapted-to-film is re-released with a photo of the actor in lieu of the subject on the cover (Philip Seymour Hoffman/Truman Capote, Salma Hayek/Frida Kahlo, etc). i can’t help but shudder, for the sake of the (usually, hopefully, deceased) original person, whether or not they would have cared one way or another.

a lengthy discussion of this could be had, considering the recognition power of the actor and consequent increases in sales/readership, vs. some dubious notions of respect for the dead, dignity, yadda yadda yadda, but i’ll spare you all that and own up that yes i am a snob and it just makes my skin crawl every time i see it.

all of this prompted by my encountering the movie-tie in editions of not only Julie & Julia, but also Julia Child’s My Life In France, the latter of which for some reason bothers me considerably more.

for your consideration:


i mean come on, so adorable. (and made from their own homemade christmas cards? almost unbearably adorable.)

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