Archaic Food Word #2

gulchin a small glutton.

i’d like to point out that this specifies not someone who is slightly gluttonous (because really, defined by excess as it is, wouldn’t that be a counterproductive condition?), but a glutton who is specifically diminutive in stature, such as a child, dwarf, or i suppose, voracious goblin of some description.

probably derived, as with gulch from the middle english gulchen, meaning “to gush forth” or “to drink greedily”, in an interesting inversion. i think what happened here is that gulchen became gulch (meaning “to gulp,” in some English vernacular), and thus gulchin as a diminutive thereof.

like how we get munchkin from munchk, meaning “a large annoying elf.”


3 thoughts on “Archaic Food Word #2

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