Yeah, Preferably -just- Julia.

after watching the trailer, i have to agree with Eat Me Daily‘s take on the upcoming Julie & Julia, based on the (admittedly imaginative) intertwining of Julie Powell’s book of the same name which narrativized her own beblogged attempt to master (as it were*) Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking, with Julia Child’s own memoir My Life In France (which i’ve acclaimed here in the past). i think that a good solid Julia Child biopic would or could be a good solid movie, and i too regret that in all likelihood this film, successful or otherwise, will eclipse the possibility of such a thing ever happening. (although look what happened with Truman Capote, except that i don’t think anyone in the world ever saw the second one).

so….curse you, Nora Ephron?

also, i found out about this movie about the same time as i did Bottle Shock, which was effing atrocious, and so if the same anticipation-boredom/anger upon watching ratio continues to hold, you can bet that i shall be cursing Ephron with considerably more fervour (and vitriol) come august.

really, don’t watch Bottle Shock. i thought, “Yeah, Alan Rickman,” but really, honestly, no. or at least, don’t watch it if you’re interested in wine and it’s history, or in movies that are good, but if you like total unentertaining garbage, by all means go for it (it even squelched the already pretty meagre hope i had for the new Star Trek movie when i realized that this guy is also this guy. wash your face, hippy.)

sideish note: i haven’t started reading it yet, but Julie Powell’s own blog uses the word baleful in its tagline (or whatever the blogword for that is), and my interest is so piqued.

* “master” is a little much, but i couldn’t resist, heel that i am.


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