There’s a Song in This, I Know it.

perhaps everyone knew this already, but my informal poll (conducted in the form of lying in the grass yelling at people, mostly) suggests that at least the average denizen of Montreal had no idea, but i guess Old Milwaukee and Milwaukee’s Best are completely unrelated beers!

Milwaukee’s Best is Miller, and Old Milwaukee is Sleeman’s*, of all things. which i find pleasing, as i prefer Old Mil’ to Milwaukee’s best and for no particular reason favour Sleeman’s over Miller, generally (with the notable exception of San Francisco’s “$2.00 Out-The-Door” stickered 40s of High Life).

it doesn’t speak highly, i know, of our powers of discernment that the lot of us were fooled by the rather facile resemblance of a similar supposed patrimony (what Sleeman’s is doing representing Milwaukee is anyone’s guess), or still further that i think this is worth mentioning, but it feels like a Big Deal to me.

it feels like The People need to know.

spread the word, i guess.

(*note: this applies only to Canada, whereas in the USA there is a different Old Milwaukee mark that is owned by Pabst, and doesn’t come in Dry, and certainly doesn’t come in those bottles adorned with classy dames which i think we all assumed were limited edition, like, 3 years ago, but are still around, and for some reason i cannot find pictures of anywhere on the internet)


3 thoughts on “There’s a Song in This, I Know it.

  1. emily says:

    I didn’t know Old Milwaukee was different in the states (I was briefly sure I had a pin-up can in my flickr somewhere but it was All A Lie)…I am consistently amazed that Lucky Lager is somehow a different beer made by a different company here than in BC. They don’t brag about being union made here.

  2. MSL says:

    almost all beers that are large / shitty brands are different in the US vs Canada. Like Bud is not made by Bud in Canada, Labatts or Molson makes it, which makes it not surprising at all that Sleeman’s has ownership of some of the US names as well (let’s not even get into the fact that Sleeman’s is now just a name owned by a Jap company…).

    As for Old Mil and Mil’s best being different and you not knowing that–I’m going to have to chock that one up to heavy ignorance on your part, or maybe just shit reasoning. Milwaukee makes, what, 90% of US beer (I feel a bit uneasy about making so many easily google-verifiable statements, but I’m not going to do research work for a conversation about 5 dollar sixpacks.) so of course there are going to be lots of claims and nomenclature. Everyone ought to know this fact about Milwaukee and not be surprised at all that more than one company is touting this. Their major league baseball team is called the Brewers for christ’s sake.

    Perhaps your lack of common knowledge has been your undoing once again?

    • stillcrapulent says:

      listen man, it’s not like i didn’t realize Beer Comes From Milwaukee, that’s why i was surprised (and a little ashamed) that i had conflated the two for so long. what is truly surprising to me is that no one in my (montreal) social surround had ever considered it either. thus i was just ignorantly coccooned in a common ignorance, as opposed to specifically and scandalously deficient in common knowlege, like i usually am.

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