St-Remy XO Brandy is easily worth the $3.40 more you pay for it than the VSOP. no question. how is that even a difference, $3.40? one asks oneself “How could $3.40 possibly make a difference in taste?” but lo, it does!

i mean, this is just pig brandy, neither Cognac nor Armagnac (we’re talking $24.90 v.$21.50), so nothing fancy, but it does appear to be a case of getting marginally more than you pay for should you pay more. for….it?

for future reference, apparently
V = Very
S = Special
O = Old
P = Pale
X = eXtra

all very French sounding, no? so take it for what it’s worth, you know, with een korreltj zout.

and that is alls i know, among other things.


2 thoughts on “ALLS I KNOW:

  1. emily says:

    i had this advice in mind whilst at the LCBO last night, but being as i’m buying brandy for mixing (Sidecars, i think, and of course for the boozing-up of sangria) it seemed silly to spend the extra. especially because i was splashing out already on ludicrously costly Cointreau.

    speaking of Kingsley Amis – which of course we were not – one of the things that bugged me about Everyday Drinking was his insistence on stirring cocktails rather than shaking them. i guess i can understand his curmudgeonly insistence that it’s too flash, given the time in which he was writing, but personally i enjoy the slurry of ice on the top of a shaken drink. i’m with Bond on this one, ‘ordering weak drinks and being snooty about it’ or no.

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