Born to Knish.

not that my experience with knish(es?) is boastworthy in breadth or depth, but the $1.25 knish at that bakery (Tara? Taura? Laura? i’ll get back to you on this) that is just shy of kiddie-corner to Wawel (5499 Sherbrooke o.) are gotterdammerung delicious. that which i tasted had presumably been sitting around all day (as of 1pm) but was immensely tender and yielding, and so my eyes narrow involuntarily thinking of that day of days when i get up early enough to try one fresh.

potato, mixed veg, mushroom or spinach. the second last being i think my favourite. also all manner of breads and pastries available for usual prices, including chocolate turnovers seemingly akin (even vegan?) to those of Cheskie’s (359 Bernard o. )fame.

espresso $1.50. reasonably delicious, slight nuttiness. croissants (95¢) also more than satisfactory – very flaky, very chewy – although the subtle sweetness i love so much was a little less subtle than usual. maybe not subtle enough.

or maybe just Not Subtle Enough enough?


2 thoughts on “Born to Knish.

    • stillcrapulent says:

      how -does- one make knish pastry? i felt it was pretty distinct from a lot of other pastries i’ve had, savoury and sweet alike.

      what defines a pastry anyway? i guess pierogies are what, dumplings? a subgroup of the dumpling? employing some dough closer to bread or pie crust than to pastry? although pie is close to pastry as well.

      this reminds me (obliquely, only) of the extended/confused discussion i had earlier today trying to distinguish meaningfully between homophone/homograph/homonym…

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