Meddle not with Onions that are not by Right Yours to Meddle. With.

only because i love onions and petulance am i so taken with this expression: “s’occuper de sens oignons,” alternately “occupe-toi de tes oignons” – meaning, more or less “mind your own business/beeswax.” i had never heard the expression myself, although many of my francophone friends were familiar with it, and i would love to incorporate it into my daily speech, was my French not so middling/piddling, thus leaving me open to accusations of affectation (moi?).

the only way i encountered it at all was via Clotilde’s weekly entry on Edible Idioms, so if you’re interested at all you should Go To Her to learn more (i find the exploration of possible origins of the oignons expression particularly charming).

in other news, i tried one of Starbucks’ (i work in a building which contains a Starbucks, and my soup was still frozen, cut me some fucking slack) cheese “croissants” today, with predictable results. i mean, i’ve come to appreciate their butter croissants –  not as croissants, as the likeness is at best superficial and perhaps olfactory, but as something akin to a savoury donut (they really do, honestly, taste more fried than baked), and so i thought the cheese one couldn’t be sooo bad but it turns out i was wrong because they’re frigging Gross As Hell. it’s hard to explain, as it’s hard to discern what kind of cheese they are supposed to contain, or why they even bother with such a product when a Mediocre Danish would do just as well, but just trust me it’s foul and vile and regrettable. and weirdly, unpleasantly damp.


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