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As a Past Vegan Self rolls, Mortified, in his Cold and Danced-upon Grave.

hey jokers, it is winter (still, again) and that means another series of gustatory happenings that usually i a) forget about entirely, or b) am too poor to enjoy – however This Year Will Be Different for among other things i am not only not going to not forget entirely about Nuit Blanche (ferris wheel! fireworks! sugar shack late night dance! oyee!), but i am going to drink energy drinks and cider and stay up all night frolicking in the museae (having decided that the preceding is an acceptable, if wrong, pluralization of museum).

for those of you who don’t know, Nuit Blanche (in mtl at least) is a an all-night orgiasboard of art and ice and techno and open public edifices that caps the week of Montreal en Lumiere/High Lights Montreal, which i believe exists solely because of the pact the City made with the abyss that they could stay their inevitable consumption only so long as they have giant confusing festivals every forty five minutes.

also: CHEESE FEST! rather, the Festival of (local) Cheeses, which starts today, is free, and features over 40 different cheeses for your tasting/buying pleasure from over a dozen local and mostly artisanal producers. hells yeah. hours of operation: wed 11-6, thurs & fri 11-8, sat 11-5, Complexe Desjardins across the street from place-des-arts metro.

not free is the fine Quebecois cheese and French wine tasting sesh at Café Fleury in the Hyatt Regency Hotel from 6-8pm on friday. for $25 and the experience of having someone who (presumably) knows what they’re talking about to guide my wine and cheese pairing hand, i’m thinking i just might. anyone game?

N.B. also Marche Jean Talon, which over saturday and sunday will be showcasing a number of Montérégie ‘slow food’ farmers and fooderers who’ll be offering samples and chat about their work, as well as a couple of special lectures, classes, tasting sessions, including ‘slow’ chocolate (sat 1:30-2:30), and cider & cheese pairing (sat 4:00-5:00). more info at


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