resto oh oh

Anonymous Call, Poison Pen, a Brick in the Small of your Back Again.

i ate at……euuuggggggghhh…….i believe it’s called Los Classico (?) on St-Laurent the other night – it’s reasonably new, Mexican, on the east side, and probably but a lurch and stumble north of Mont-Royal (the street).

as far as i and people who tell me can tell, it’s pretty legit authentic fare, and while the vegetarian options are not particularly inspiring on paper, what i had was more than satisfactory. rather, much of what i had was more than satisfactory.

the sopa azteca w/out pork was actually really effing delicious – sort of a tortilla soup with some avocado, sour cream, cheese and lime, in a surprisingly delicious simple tomato base, sprinkled with a little bit of burnt-black chilis. the main dish i had (which cost the same price, being one of the cheapest at around $7) was basically just refried beans with cheese melted on bread (whatever), that came with a nice fresh tasty salsa. there was something else on the menu that i realized in retrospect i should have ordered, but i can’t remember what it was.

adrienne, however, got this marinated pulled pork with tortilla dish that was just excellent in her opinion and from what i could gather by my sopping up the leftover marinade with my bread. i can’t put my finger on what in all it was comprised, but the sauce was bright red and definitely full of lime and orange juice, with fresh habenero peppers, but beyond that i haven’t the slightest idea. thin, too. definitely not a tomato base. fuck it was good.

they also bring a totally respectable basket of chips to your table upon ordering, which came with two predictably mild salsas (green and red) and one legitimately hot and crazily salty chipotle, and they do that water in a wine bottle thing that for some reason is the sort of nice touch that always warms my heart (and reminds me of my dear deceased Mondo Frites..)

all in all it was a little pricey (we paid about 12-14 bucks each and were sated) for what you get, but i think i’ll return to sample their fairly extensive breakfast menu, and possibly get more of that soup. however, if meat is your game, and that pulled pork was representative at all, i’d say absolutely check it out.

stay posi.


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