resto oh oh

See You In Hell, Indie.

(a month since my last post? quel dommage! quel paresse!)

anyway, as a general rule, i don’t eat Indian food anywhere in Montreal that isn’t a highly Indian-populated neighbourhood, which is to say that i have little to no interest or faith in anywhere that is not willing to offer me some manner of stomach pulverizing thali for under $6.50.

if everything is served on metal plates and there’s a prominent takeout counter stuffed with fried and/or syrup-soaked confections, all the better.

that said, i work downtown, and when negligence or whimsy or the ill-conceived notion that i don’t need to eat any more than once a day gets the better of me, i am forced to eat downtown, and occasionally my zest for adventure compels me to venture beyond the safety of Basha/Boustan/The Worst Harveys In The Western Hemisphere. thus, Allo Inde.

which was okay. notably Not Awful. pleasant, if a little fine, decor, and part of my order was a little late, but not in such a way as to give me the impression that their service was consistently poor. i had a bowl of lentil daal, which was wonderfully rich and creamy, with an unanticipated wedge of lemon which would be pressed with one’s spoon to as to lend a touch of citrusy vigour, and an accumulation of fennel seeds at the bottom which were a nice addition that happily did not permeate the rest of the soup with overwhelming fennelliness.

i also had the onion bhaji, which were perfectly acceptable, although maybe a little lightly spiced, and came with two sauces. the tamarind was dissimilar to most i’ve tried, and bore an increasing and unfortunate likeness to chinese sweet & sour sauce as the meal wore on. not spicy at all, and certainly nothing on Pushap’s. the other, yogurt based, was also sweetish, almost akin to donair sauce (for you Maritimers) and so i couldn’t help missing the usual mint or coriander heavy white sauce which one can usually expect.

finally, i had an order of pashwari naan, which is naan bread stuffed (note: while “stuffed” is the common parlance for these sorts of specialty naan items, it’s worth knowing that it’s more a matter of baking the other items into the bread dough itself, so don’t expect a pocket bursting with new delights) with coconut, almond, pistachio, cashew and raisins. this i tried because i’d never heard tell of it before, and honestly i didn’t like it that much, although i attribute this more to my personal fickleness where coconut is concerned. i’m fairly confident that were one inclined to like this kind of thing, it would be perfectly satisfying.

anyway, those three appetizers can to TWENTY EFFING DOLLARS, so draw your own conclusions. or alternately, draw your conclusions from the following:

that shit is too expensive, but if you’re a High Rolling, Monocle Wearing, Purely Decorative (Because You Are Carried Around In A Divan By Oiled Up Man Servants) Cane Carrying Type who is trapped downtown and wants some Not Shitty Indian food, then by all means, go.

seriously, i mean that. it was totally passable. the daal was even pretty damn good.


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