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I’m Going to Have to Put Them in a Casserole…or Something.

i was pretty sure i had fond remembrances of Herr’s potato chips, perhaps largely out of a sort of visceral jouissance at seeing them challenge frigging Old Dutch in the race (perhaps too strong a word) to fill the void left by the disappearance of Maple Leaf chips from their station as the Humpty Dumpty/Ruffles/Lay’s alternative (which i still refer to as the “dollar bag” niche, despite the fact that outside of Dollaramas and Southern Ontario gas stations one is unlikely to pay as little as one dollar for such a bag), but this particular bag of Herr’s (non-rippled) Regular has left me a little underwhelmed.

they are not so meagre in their salt as PC or Wavy Lays (see post, August 17th), but are still a little middling in that respect, and unfortunately also suffer from that chip equivalent to beer’s skunkiness that for lack of a term more readily at hand i shall describe as “chippiness.” i’m sure you know what i mean, it’s like…sort of like a bag that smells stale(ish), but not precisely stale-  more a case of convergent evolution (or i don’t know, a sort of olfactory homonymy?) whereby it almost comes across as stale, but you know (by investigation of the bone structure or spelling what have you) that it is not in fact stale, or not even wrong, but merely too….chippy.

anyway. they’re a little chippy.

and i was gonna go on a thing about how weird and thick-feeling their bags are, but then i found this:

Cooked in corn and/or cottonseed oils, the chips are packed in special foil-like bags to help retain the vitamin C, as well as the freshness and crispness.”

also, did you know there’s a Professional Race Car Driver named CHIP HERR? i bet you didn’t. unless you like racing. weird.


One thought on “I’m Going to Have to Put Them in a Casserole…or Something.

  1. I saw on daytime television that chips, sweet potatoes and maybe catsup I forget, boiled down, make an amazing pudding that Elvis’s mom invented. you like Elvis? eat his pudding!

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