Yes, Crack -All- the Windows!

sickening, currently, under the oppressive, pervasive smell of peanut butter chocolate chip cookies (how quickly the scent of baking wafting upon the air turns against one after the sixth or seventh helping!). rallying, however, with the help of Dunsbury’s Bin 92 (uhh, crisp, refreshing, 12.99) and Arthur Mizener’s 1949 biography of F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Far Side of Paradise. delightful.

from the New York Times, June 27, 1922:

party [:] a gathering of persons who have a ‘good time’ only when highly stimulated by strong waters.

also the company of this huge cat who could be more Rabelaisianly (my apologies to the entire language of French) gargantuan were he hairless and slobbering with drink.

it's hard to get a sense of scale, but take my word as to his immensity

it's hard to get a sense of scale, but take my word as to his immensity, won't you?


3 thoughts on “Yes, Crack -All- the Windows!

  1. muse-tard says:

    reading this blog is like spending three and a half unending months climbing the tallest mountain in the world and, instead of having the reward, wrought from morbidly profuse sweat, to place a flag on its peak, finding you drinking dep wine and listening to jimmy eat world

  2. stillcrapulent says:

    and maybe fried eggs on a piece of toast with almond butter, hot sauce and truffle oil, and being like “hey, want some of this egg? i think i may have laid it myself.”

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