product review

But That I Were Now Aprow of a Galleon…

also, your bag is annoying.

also, your bag is annoying.

i would cast these chips into the sea, that perhaps i could salvage them before they were consumed in our wake, and so doing, bring some of the brine with them.

because these chips are not salty enough. geez. they’re not even reduced salt, or anything so obviously distasteful. it makes me writhe. it’s like eating…..god, like eating unremarkable chips.

which is not to say they’re terrible- they both are reasonably crunchy, with a regular chippy sort of flavour, and no overt stink or discoloration, as with many a less reliably brand of chip. but they are indeed dull, and bland, perhaps blander still because of their wide wale and exaggerated thickness. nice try, guys.

against the argument that in choosing REGULAR chips, i am inviting blandness in the face of the plethora of available caustic, chemical, flavour inundations (heart on my sleeve, much?), i say simply: SALT. i mean, it’s already there, it’s one of what, three ingredients? why not just apply it more liberally? all sourness aside, i suppose i could reason out that ripple chips are perhaps made intentionally less salty because, as the chips more structurally suited to dipping, one might not want the flavour of the dip to be eclipsed by the saltiness of the chip, but then, what of Ruffles? those guys are salty as hell.

ohhh, -that's- where chips come from.

what must a poor wretch do to find a decently salty, wide wale ripple chip? verily…


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