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there is some mysterious shit going on between sri lanka and here.

Elephant Mark Ginger Beer. i’d heard stories about it when i would prattle on about various ginger beers and one’s persistent difficulty in finding that which could satisfy in terms of Pure Ginger Onslaught, Legitimate Spice, but not too sweet. people (well, this one guy) would say “Hey, you should try this kind i got up in parc-X, i think maybe it’s called Elephant. anyway it’s got an elephant on it.”

and so i kept an eye out. i mean, i’m always keeping an eye out, poking an eye into the fridge of this that and the other dep or market of any east- or west-indian, middle-eastern, sri lankan or pakistani pedigree i happen to find myself in. and it’s going well, don’t get me wrong. i’ve got Grace, D&G Old Jamaican, Reed’s, Stewart’s, Goya, and the seemingly recently remarketed Canada Dry Golden Cockerel Ginger Beer under my belt, along with a couple of aforementioned resto-specific brews, but not until yesterday did i finally happen upon the elusive Elephant Mark Ginger Beer.

and it’s good. not mind blowing, but pretty real.

pretty up there in terms of bite, with a good solid ginger taste. definitely sweet, although not so sweet i don’t think as Grace or Goya, with what i insist on believing is a very faint floral taste. for all this, not a lot of body, somehow, but a perfectly legitimate ginger beer.unfortunately i can’t find any pictures or information online. i have found an Elephant Ginger Beer company from sri lanka, which seems to correspond with the possibly sri lankan writing on the bottle, but none of their featured products look the same as what i’ve got here. i’m not convinced somehow. elephant, from what i can tell, seems to be a popular and varied brand name from sri lankan, with Elephant, Elephant House and Elephant Mark perhaps being disparate entities, so perhaps….well, i dunno what to think. keeping an eye out for other elephant related Gbeers, though.

haven’t had Solo in a while either, so i’ll probably try to pick up a bottle when i get down to a more thorough review of the lot, which shall feature some known locations to pick up said beverages as well! (bestill your hearts, no?)

that is all.


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