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They Also Gave me a Free Beer, Which Suggest to me That it Was my Rootsy Charm, or Perhaps Rakish Good Looks.

so i never knew that Manchuria Dumpling King, aka Ravioli Manchuria existed until sometime after it ceased to be the frigging case. located at 1441 st-Mathieu, just below de Maisonneuve, they specialized in handmade Chinese dumplings, which i frigging love, and live a living hell of a life trying to find in vegetarian profusion in this hell-life-producing city. anyway, apparently it was great, but it’s gone, and in its place, i discovered is this joint Restaurant Du Bonheur, which, while pretty slim on the dumplings (they had one vegetarian option), is actually pretty okay. it looks and feels fancier than it is or costs, which is….i dunno, good i guess, and is pretty reasonably priced. the order of dumplings i got was somewhere in the vicinity of 7 bucks and was comprised of a good dozen or so dumplings, which you can get steamed or fried, which is nice. they don’t come with a sauce, but the tables are all graced with what has become my favorite Chinese restaurant condiment setup – soy sauce, some manner of brown (presumably rice?) vinegar, and a little bowl of chili flakes in oil. i mean, i love sriracha, but there’s an ELEGANT SIMPLICITY in a bowl of chilis in oil.

i also had some kim chi – which if you don’t know is a usually spicy, usually Korean (although it seems to be a popular side at dumpling shops) salad of pickled cabbage or radish – which was decent but way too mild for my wholehearted endorsement, and this Other Weird Thing which i’ve seen on menus before but never ordered. i think it was called “dried shredded bean curd salad”, which looked basically like a bunch of spaghetti, but made out of tofu, over some julienned cucumber and topped with chili oil. it was pretty good, actually, although dry, which was still somehow surprising, even though it was “dry” you know, right in the name.

for frig’s sake.

man…. i am tired. last night i drunkenly ran my bike into the cement wall of an underpass while trying to maintain control the two foot-tall pepper mill i stole from some confusing bou(r)gie bar that more confusingly actually let me inside long enough to steal their pepper mill. the mill emerged unscathed, you’re surely relieved to know.

not actual size or pepper mill.

note: not actual size or mill.


One thought on “They Also Gave me a Free Beer, Which Suggest to me That it Was my Rootsy Charm, or Perhaps Rakish Good Looks.

  1. That is a lovely mill. Just thought I’d let you know because as a fellow freshly minted word press blogger, I thought you would be jonesing for comments as much as I am.

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