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Refrain, if at all Possible, From Calling it “Baba G”

okay, so i’m currently drinking lukewarm coke with chunks of mr freezie (it occurs to me that despite my pronouncing it “freezy” for all of my livelong freezie-eating existence, yeah, it’s actually just a mr freeze. whatever.) stirred in as a half-hearted attempt to chill the damn thing, and therefore perhaps shouldn’t be listened to (it tastes pretty foul, weirdly), but let’s face it: if you buy storebought baba ghanouj you’re a sap.

basically. usually, i mean. because by and large you eat it and you’re like “awesome, this tastes like mediocre over-lemony storebought hummous that maybe some freakish eggplant man sat on or in or thought about eating one times but it really doesn’t taste like baba ghanouj, as if i know what that is anyway.”

which is why i for so long thought i didn’t really care about baba ghanouj (despite loving eggplant) because I Am Too Lazy to roast a whole eggplant to make a dip (the same way i’m Too Lazy to pit like 500 kalamata olives to make a good tapenade. note on this later.) and just not-self-hating-enough to go buy it from a store. hummous is easy to make at home so that’s not a problem, right?

except (and here we get to the crux), it turns out that the baba ghanouj from Marche Akhavan in NDG is GODDAMN DELICIOUS and, you know, actually tastes like eggplant and tahini and garlic and oil, all very pronouncedly, and is extremely oily and had eggplant tentacly looking sort of fibrous seed deposits and all that which attests to it being Good and Satisfying and…..Real, or whatever.

Akhavan is located at 6170 Sherbrooke O, aroundabouts Boul Grand. they also have an immense selection of bulk nuts and seeds, etc, decent produce, all sorts of middle-eastern breads and the like, and a little takeout area as well. i had a decent spinach pie once, but they microwaved it (which happens) too long, and one corner got sort of micro-deadened.

note, they also sell injera, cheaply. good to know.


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